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Organic Chuan Xiong - Szechuan Lovage Root

Organic Chuan Xiong - Szechuan Lovage Root

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This herb is great for alleviating pain such as pain and headaches. It activates the blood and is also great for hair loss as it helps blood circulation to the hair follicles. Because of it's ability to activate the blood it regulates the period if there's amenorrhea (lack of period). It's used post partum for retained lochia ( please consult with your TCM doctor before taking if it's for post partum).  it can relieve headaches especially if they're stabbing pain sensation.

This herb also helps to move blood to support lactation 

Category: Regulate and invigorate the blood

Meridians: Liver, gallbladder, pericardium

Taste: spicy

Temperature: warm

Instructions: Simmer 2-3 pieces in 3 cups of water until it boils down to one cup, drain and enjoy. It can be used for multiple boils or for a less strong but more convenient ritual you can simply add a few pieces to boiling water in your mug. You can add honey or it can be mixed with other teas for flavour and therapeutic properties. Consult with a TCM herbalist for best results.


*DO not take if:

- you are pregnant or if you have profuse menstruation.

- on anticoagulant or anti platelet drugs.