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Dr. Tedi Fisher

Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, R.Ac, Kinesiologist, Owner

Tedi is known for her ability to listen and understand the full picture of your health. Her clinical practice has a focus on reproductive and hormone health, pain and injuries, concussions, mental health and cosmetic acupuncture to name a few. Tedi’s kinesiology degree combined with 5 year education in traditional Chinese Medicine gives a unique and complementary approach to her treatments.

Formal Training and Certifications:

  • Registered Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine ‘19
  • R.TCM.H - Registered TCM herbalist '17
  • R.Ac. - Registered Acupuncturist '15
  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer '09
  • H.Ba. Kinesiology '08
  • Yoga Siromani 200hrs '08

Additional Trainings and Certifications:

  • Advanced yoga teacher training with Eddie Modestini and Nicki Doane
  • Reiki Level l
  • The complete fertility course with AcuPro academy 
  • Acuregen cosmetic facial acupuncture & advanced collagen induction techniques
  • Advanced Pulse diagnosis with Dr. Brian La Forgia in the Shen-Hammer lineage
  • Medical Internship at the Tzu Chi Hospital Taipei, Taiwan 
  • Biologique Recherche Pro

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Pahnia Kurtz


Pahnia is a Registered Acupuncturist whose personal health journey and natural affinity to hold space for others has led her to Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine and holistic beauty treatments.

While her primary goal is to assist every patient in the restoration of general wellness, her passions also lie in Facial Rejuvenation, Mental health, and Menstrual/Reproductive health with a special interest in Assisted Reproductive Technology and C-section recovery. 

Her aim is to restore balance and create a safe space by providing gentle, tailored treatment plans that are as unique as the individual receiving them.

Training + Certifications:

Graduate of International College of Traditional Chinese Medicine 

  • R.Ac - Registered Acupuncturist


  • Cosmetic Facial Acupuncture and advanced Collagen Induction Techniques

Yakov Gershkovich School

  • Sculptural Face Lifting Buccal Massage technique

Continued Education in:

  • Fertility & TCM Treatments Course
  • Pregnancy and TCM Treatments Course
  • Mental Disorders and TCM Treatments Course

Biologique Recherche intensive product and technique training.



Allison Locke


 Allison is a Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner, an integrative health practitioner, a fellow of the American and TCM Board of Reproductive Medicine (ABORM), a member of the Obstetrical Acupuncture Association (OBAA), a Certified Laser Technician (CLT), and a Registered Yoga Teacher. 

She has nearly a decade of specialized training in fertility and reproductive health. Having personal experience with endometriosis, Allison is particularly passionate in treating the pain and symptoms of endometriosis as well as chronic pelvic pain, PMS, and hormone imbalance. Allison believes in truly understanding the holistic picture of every individual's health in order to provide exceptional care. She believes that each patient is a unique case that requires understanding, skill, and above all else, compassion.

Training and Certifications:

  • Practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine (R.TCM.P)
  • Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-200)
  • Certified Laser Technician (CLT)
  • Integrative Health Practitioner (IHP2)

Additional training and certifications:

  • Fellow of the American and TCM Board of Reproductive Medicine (ABORM)
  • Member of the Obstetrical Acupuncture Association (OBAA)
  • Sharon Weizenbaum's Graduate Mentorship Program
  • Laura Erlich's Fertility Mentorship Program
  • Master Tung Acupuncture
  • Arya Nielsen Gua Sha Course
  • Michael Corradino Neuropuncture Course
  • Lee Hullinder Rubin Traditional Chinese Medicine and IVF Course

      Dr. Winnie Ng

      Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, R.AC

      Winnie is a registered Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine practicing out of Vancouver, Canada. 

      She is known for her intuitive approach and grounding presence and has had success treating a wide variety of ailments including insomnia, skin diseases, digestive disorders, women's health, headaches, anxiety, sports injuries, and more.

      Through her gentle needling technique and individualized treatment plans, Winnie strives to empower her patients towards finding healing and balance both physically and emotionally. She strongly believes in working alongside each individual to discover their health goals and find the root cause of their issues.


      Formal Training:

      • Post- Graduate Diploma in Chinese Medicine Dermatology with Dr. Mazin Al-Khafaji

      • Registered Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine 

      • R.TCM.H - Registered TCM Herbalist 

      • R.Ac - Registered Acupuncturist 

      • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

      • Yoga YTT 200 Hours


      Additional Trainings and Certifications: 

      • Member of the International TCM Dermatology Association 

      • Dr. Tan Balance Method - Academy of Acupuncture

      • Whitfield Reaves Sports Medicine Acupuncture 

      • Contemporary Pulse Diagnosis - Dr. Brian La Forgia - Shen Hammer Lineage

      • Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture

      • Medical Internship at Tzu-Chi Hospital Taipei, Taiwan 

      • Biologique Recherche Facial training

      Dr Winnie is fluent in Cantonese and can speak conversational Mandarin


      Veronika Dimirtova



      I am an acupuncturist with a deep reverence for the art of holistic healing. My interest in whole-being wellness began to develop in early childhood, when I was influenced by my health-conscious grandmother, whose teas, home remedies and homegrown herbs inspired me in my own quest for overall health. TCM resonated with me largely due to its focus on mind, body and spirit. This inclusive approach stood out to me as it aligns with my belief that healing is not linear and requires equal devotion to all aspects of wellness.

      I completed a four-year TCMP Diploma Program at Tzu Chi International College of TCM in 2022, and I am thrilled to bring a fusion of modern modalities and traditional medicine into my practice. I believe that health is a journey that starts from within and I use acupuncture as a tool that targets mental, emotional and physical aspects of the whole person. I have special interest in cosmetic acupuncture, graceful aging, and women’s health - particularly reproductive, prenatal and postpartum care, inspired by my own experience from conception to motherhood.

      I pride myself on offering a spa-like experience with clinical results. Empathy and kindness are essential in my practice, and I approach my patients with respect and openness, creating a safe space without judgment or ego. Each treatment is specific to the ndividual, and I ensure that patients are heard and prioritized. This enables me to provide a customized healing experience from the initial consultation to follow-up and beyond.

      With an intrinsic passion for my work and a range of skills that include acupuncture, facial rejuvenation, gua sha, cupping, and moxibustion, I look forward to sharing my unique offerings with the community and helping my clients achieve optimal wellness from the inside out.

      Kenneth Sun

      Registered Massage Therapist

      Kenneth Sun is a graduate of Vancouver College of Massage Therapy. Born and raised in Vancouver, Kenneth’s fascination with the body stems from his background in endurance sports. From these persuits, he began cultivating his yoga and meditation practice which deepened his connection to the subtle nuances within the body. Kenneth’s treatment style is dynamic, integrating swedish massage, myofascial release, therapeutic/deep tissue and active release techniques towards achieving patient health goals. He gently guides each session utilizing breathwork and cueing to faciliate a grounding reset for the nervous system.

      Kenneth believes that massage can play an integral role in one’s holistic health; his areas of focus varies from orthopedic musculoskeletal conditions, mental and emotional wellbeing, and load management shaped into a fundamentally restoring session. Outside of the clinic, Kenneth enjoys exploring the great outdoors skiing, swimming in the ocean, and long walks with his dog Mika.


      Courtney Carnrite

      Courtney offers sessions of Spiritual Healing, combined Channeling and Tarot, as well as Mediumship in the Intuitive Arts.

      Courtney facilitates these connections by reaching out to her Helping Guides and ask them to connect to your Helping Guides, Helping Ancestors, Helping Beings & Helping Spirits so that you may receive wisdoms, insights, information, directions, support, knowledge, and unconditional love from your helpers to you and for you.

      Courtney has trained extensively in Intuitive Arts (Channeling, Mediumship, Animism/Shamanism) and Western Herbalism.

      Courtney is gifted to see and hear messages from Guides who come forth to help you – these may be Ascended Masters, Archetypal Energies, Deities, StarPeople, Animal Guides, Ancient Ones, Fae, Shea, Mythical Beings and Ancestors.



      Dr. Joanna Rosenfeld

      Naturopathic Doctor

      Dr. Joanna Rosenfeld is a Naturopathic Doctor and Nutritionist with a specific focus in fertility and women’s health.

      She has extensive experience working with patients on their overall health, including hormonal changes, mood support, sleep and nutrition. She works alongside many individuals and couples to achieve a healthy pregnancy. 

      In your first appointment, Dr. Joanna will complete a very thorough health history and lab review. She will create a customized nutrition plan for you, lifestyle support, individualized supplements or herbs, and in some cases will also recommend additional blood work or testing.

      For fertility patients, this will either be your core treatment plan, or in conjunction with care from a fertility clinic.

      Dr. Joanna collaborates with other healthcare professionals, including acupuncturists, osteopaths, medical doctors, midwives, nurses, and fertility clinics to support your treatment plan. 

      At every step, the goal is to help support you during this journey, and empower you to make the decisions that will best support you and your family.

      **** Dr. Joanna is only doing virtual visits right now for BC patients ***