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Dr. Tedi Fisher

Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, R.Ac, Kinesiologist, Owner.

Tedi is known for her ability to listen and understand the full picture of your health. Her clinical practice has a focus on reproductive and hormone health, pain and injuries, concussions, mental health and cosmetic acupuncture to name a few. Tedi’s kinesiology degree combined with 5 year education in traditional Chinese Medicine gives a unique and complementary approach to her treatments.


Registered Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine ‘19

R.TCM.H - Registered TCM herbalist '17

R.Ac. - Registered Acupuncturist '15

NASM Certified Personal Trainer '09

H.Ba. Kinesiology '08

Yoga Siromani 200hrs '08


Advanced yoga teacher training with Eddie Modestini and Nicki Doane

Reiki Level l

The complete fertility course with AcuPro academy 

Acuregen cosmetic facial acupuncture & advanced collagen induction techniques

Advanced Pulse diagnosis with Dr. Brian La Forgia in the Shen-Hammer lineage

Medical Internship at the Tzu Chi Hospital Taipei, Taiwan 


Pahnia Sebelius 

R.Ac, Registered Acupuncturist

Pahnia’s Goal is to restore balance and create a safe space by providing gentle, tailored treatment plans that are as unique as the individual receiving them. Her philosophy is to identify and treat the root of the imbalance to ensure a complete and sustainable healing plan. In addition to general wellness her passions lie in facial acupuncture, mental health and women’s health.



-Cosmetic Facial Acupunture + Gua Sha

-Cupping Therapy

 Add ons for services:

-Cosmetic Facial Acupunture,  Gua Sha + LED light therapy
-Derma-roller micro needling 

Training and Certifications:

International College of Traditional Chinese Medicine: 
-    R. Ac - Registered Acupuncturist 
-    Cosmetic Facial Acupuncture and advanced Collagen Induction techniques
Acupro Academy: 
-    The Complete Fertility and TCM Treatments Course
  • The Complete Pregnancy and TCM Treatments Course
  • Mental Disorders and TCM Treatments



 Hailey Perry

Physiotherapist, yoga teacher

Hi! I’m Hails - and if you’re here, you likely know that I am a Registered Physical Therapist. You may not know that my passion extends further than muscles and bones. I’m also incredibly passionate about holistic care. I want to piece together how factors such as your nervous system, your sleep, or your stress may be affecting your injury or pain. I’m also very passionate about physiotherapy check-ups. We get our teeth cleaned and checked yearly - why don’t we do the same with the rest of our bodies?

Over the years, my practice has been shifting. My background is in working in high performance athletics - including work with NFL and MLB players. My first love, if you will. If we’re being honest, I was a little intimidated of treating female athletes. Why? Because the female body is so complex; the role of body image, hormones, menstrual cycle and more must also be considered. I realized the lack of knowledge many health care providers have on women’s health is a huge reason why many women do not get the care they need and deserve. I decided to lean into that intimidation and dive into many courses focused on women’s health.

This “second love,” led me to complete advanced training to become a Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist - where I can dive even deeper in supporting female athletes, pre and postnatal women, as well as those going through menopause.

While I will always love working with male athletes, I am honoured to play a role in the advocacy, support, and care of women and the unique health issues they face. In focusing deeply on holistic care, I realized I needed a very special space to provide this care.


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