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Membership Option

Unlock Wellness with Our Exclusive Monthly Membership 

Experience the profound benefits of acupuncture and cosmetic treatments more regularly with our specially designed membership program. We understand the importance of maintaining your well-being without compromising on quality or cost. Our membership offers a unique opportunity to access premium treatments at a discounted rate, allowing you to prioritize your health and beauty consistently.

What You Get:
Monthly Access: Enjoy one 30-minute session every month with the ability to book more at a discounted rate
Exceptional Value: Benefit from shorter, yet highly effective treatments that fit seamlessly into your busy schedule, all at an affordable price.
Consistent Care: Regular treatments enhance the cumulative benefits, promoting better health and results.

The Details:

  • Fee of $59.99 per month
  • Includes one treatment per month
  • Additional treatments for $59.99 each
  • 15% off in store retail purchases except Biolgoque Recherché 
  • Membership auto renews monthly

        *after the six month commitment, you can cancel at anytime! 

        For your 30 minute treatment chose from one of the following: 

        • Mini body acupuncture treatment
        • Dermaplane facial
        • Mini facial acupuncture session
        • Mini Gua sha and cupping session (no acupuncture)
        • LED light therapy (no acupuncture)
        • Body Cupping therapy (no acupuncture)
        • Mini Facial - sculpting massage, focused masque, serums and creams (no acupuncture)
        • Mediumship/Tarot with Courtney

        Reach out to us directly to sign up!

        After signing up, you can book your appointments through our online portal here:

        Book your Membership Mini Treatment

        Join our community today and discover the lasting benefits of consistent, high-quality acupuncture and facial treatments. Your path to a healthier, more radiant you starts here.


        *Not all practitioners are included in the membership offering

        *Treatments that do not include acupuncture cannot be claimed under extended medical plans

        *there is a six month membership commitment. After the six months, you can cancel at any time.