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Organic Chen Pi -  Aged Tangerine Peel

Organic Chen Pi - Aged Tangerine Peel

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This is your digestive power house. Aged tangerine peel helps with bloating, dampness and phlegm,  it helps to regulate the middle of the body to strengthen spleen and stomach (digestive organs in TCM). It helps with fatigue due to sluggish digestion and helps regulate the qi keep everything moving smoothly. 

This herb is also used to nourish the spleen and stomach to build blood for breastmilk production.

Category: Regulate qi

Meridians: Lung, spleen, stomach

taste: bitter, spicy

Temperature: warm, aromatic

Instructions: Simmer 8-10 pieces in 3 cups of water until it boils down to one cup, drain and enjoy. It can be used for multiple boils or for a less strong but more convenient ritual you can simply add a few pieces to boiling water in your mug. You can add honey or it can be mixed with other teas for flavour and therapeutic properties. Consult with a TCM herbalist for best results.

40gram sachet