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C-Matrix Kids + Elderberry Chewable 90 tablets

C-Matrix Kids + Elderberry Chewable 90 tablets

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A standardized and potent elderberry extract with additional Vitamin C to support immune function in children. 
  • Designed to gently but effectively support immune function in children and adolescents
  • Contains a highly potent extract of Sambucus nigra, processed without the use of any solvents such as methanol or ethanol and standardized to anthocyanin and polyphenol content
  • Elderberry has been shown to reduce the duration of symptoms during viral infections and upper respiratory tract infections, likely through the anti-viral actions of its anthocyanins and the immune supporting actions of its polysaccharides
  • Additional vitamin C is included to support phagocytic cells such as neutrophils, B-cell and T-cell differentiation, and increased inflammatory and metabolic demands during active infections 
Vegan. GMO, gluten, soy and dairy free.

Childhood is an integral stage for the development of the immune system as the body is first exposed to the many viruses, bacteria and other microbes in our environment. This initial and subsequent exposure is inevitable and quite important to the developing immune system. However, measures can be taken to help ensure that the immune tissues are robust enough to respond and minimize symptoms in the affected child adequately.

Sambucus nigra, more commonly known as elderberry, has traditionally been used to support the immune system and combat upper respiratory tract infections (URTIs) in both adults and children. Today, there are multiple human clinical trials to confirm elderberry’s efficacy for this purpose. One randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study found that an elderberry syrup was able to significantly reduce the duration of fever and illness in individuals aged 5 to 56 with URTIs. Another study tested the effects of elderberry on healthy individuals with confirmed influenza A or B when the intervention was started within 48 hours of symptom onset. This trial showed that elderberry supplementation led to less medication use and faster resolution of symptoms such as nasal congestion, aches and pains, coughing and disrupted sleep when compared to a placebo. 

Elderberry positively affects the immune system and inhibits the proliferation of several strains of the influenza virus through multiple mechanisms of action. Firstly, anthocyanins found within elderberry extracts are able to bind directly to viruses and block their receptors, while also binding to neuraminidase, a key enzyme involved in virus propagation. Secondly, elderberry polyphenols have been demonstrated to increase microbial diversity through a prebiotic effect, specifically elevating levels of the beneficial bacteria Akkermansia muciniphila. Lastly, polysaccharide compounds in elderberry extract have been shown to stimulate the immune system. 

When it comes to nutrient support for the immune system, vitamin C makes a strong case for being one of the most important compounds. Although ascorbic acid is needed for connective tissue formation, cardiovascular health and even neurotransmitter production, it has been shown to support multiple immune functions. For example, vitamin C is stored in neutrophils and can enhance phagocytic action. It also enhances the differentiation of B-cells and T-cells through gene regulation. During active infections, vitamin C levels in the body drop due to increased inflammation and metabolic needs. On the whole, a vitamin C deficiency has been demonstrated to impair immune function and leave individuals more susceptible to infection, so it’s no surprise that vitamin C supplementation may help with both preventing and treating respiratory infections. In spite of its importance for optimal immunity, the human body cannot synthesize vitamin C and dietary sources are required to maintain adequate levels. 

C Matrix Kids + Elderberry Chewable provides 250mg of vitamin C and 25mg of European black elderberry extract in a kid-friendly chewable format in a blueberry flavour. Elderberry is delivered in a proprietary and well-studied form known as Eldercraft®. Eldercraft® is processed without the use of any solvents such as methanol or ethanol and it is standardized to anthocyanin and polyphenol content. 


Ingredient Amount
Vitamin C (ascorbic acid and sodium ascorbate) 250mg
ElderCraft® European black elderberry extract (fruit, Sambucus nigra subsp. nigra) 64:1, DHE 1600mg* 25mg

Unit of Measure above: Each tablet

Non-Medicinal Ingredients:

Magnesium stearate, stevia, hydroxypropyl cellulose, dextrose, citric acid, natural blueberry flavour.