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Traditional Chinese Medicine

The main philosophy of Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) is to bring the body back into balance. When we are in a state of balance, disease and symptoms of disease can be minimized or eradicated. With balance also comes prevention of disease. It’s not mandatory to come with a specific complaint, with a full assessment and TCM diagnosis, your practitioner will find an effective treatment plan to keep you in optimal health.


Acupuncture uses the insertion of hair thin needles into specific points on the body to induce change and trigger the natural healing mechanisms of the body to occur.

* For birth prep we recommend booking two treatments per week from week thirty six until birth. 

* for IVF treatments we recommend beginning weekly treatments at least three months before your stimulation phase. During stimulation one to two treatments per week is recommended. Following with weekly treatments until at least eight weeks pregnant. After eight weeks, discuss your treatment plan with your practitioner.  

For embryo transfer it's recommended to have treatment immediately before and after transfer. 

Electrical Stimulation

Some acupuncture treatments also involve small electrodes that are attached to the acupuncture points. This can be used for pain, mental and emotional health, stroke recovery, neuropathy and labour preparation and induction.

Chinese Herbs

Our herbs typically come in powdered form that you mix in with warm water. Herbal formulas are custom blended to suit each patient individually


The use of glass, plastic or silicone cups are used to create a negative pressure that suction onto the skin’s surface. Cupping will be used in cases of pain and inflammation, excess heat, immune system imbalance and common colds. An individualized diagnosis is made to determine if cupping is appropriate.

Gua Sha

Used to help with stagnant qi and blood in the body. Gua sha is often used on the face and body to help with anti-aging as well as pain.

Cosmetic Acupuncture

This luxurious treatment specifically focuses on decreasing fine lines and wrinkles, healing acne, lightening hyper pigmentation and have specific anti aging benefits. Specialized techniques and needles are used to help tighten and define specific parts of the face. The tools we use include, acupuncture, gua sha, jade rolling and micro needling. For an extra fee you can also include LED light therapy. All facials include an assessment and high quality clean ingredient products from Cosmedix, our top skincare choice that gives impactful results

For the strongest results we recommend booking 5-8 treatments within 8-10 weeks. Ideally one treatment per week for a series of 5-8 treatments. If you want a pick me up here and there you can book one treatment every 6-8 weeks. 



    Pelvic floor pre/postnatal

    Pelvic floor physiotherapy training is a specialized type of physiotherapy involving advanced training of the practitioner. Pelvic floor physiotherapy can address many conditions such as urinary leakage, painful sex, pelvic pain, menopausal symptoms, pelvic pressure or prolapse, and abdominal wall separation. Pelvic floor physiotherapy is also an important part of prenatal and postnatal health. Prenatal pelvic floor physio can occur between 17-37 weeks to either treat issues as they arise, maintain comfort, and prepare for a healthy delivery. It is recommended that every women see a pelvic floor physio for a check in at 6 weeks post partum, to safely guide return to exercise and ensure tissues are recovering optimally. Post partum physio is not just for vaginal delivery - a physiotherapist can also help with C-section return to activity as well as scar management. Questions? Feel free to book a 10 minute video chat with Hailey!

    Athletic Performance & Rehab

    Physiotherapy that focuses on how you move. Moving better, moving again, or moving differently! Physiotherapy sessions can be used preventatively against injuries in your specific sport or activity. It can also be used to help understand and treat existing pain or symptoms! Sessions will always include analyzing the full body to understand the root causes of injury, and ensure they don’t return. Sessions will be 1-1 with Hailey, no machines, no multiple patients at a time. Not just treatment, holistic care too.

    Online Classes

    Join Hailey on her online movement membership. Learn more on her website