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Organic Zhi He Shou Wu-  Processed Fleeceflower

Organic Zhi He Shou Wu- Processed Fleeceflower

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This renowned her supports healthy aging and is said to be the kind of nourishing Jing yin. It keeps hair nourished and from turning grey. This herb is said to extract the most qi from the earth of any herb and thus we can benefit from this qi when ingested. This herb replenishes Jing (essence) for those who have had extended periods of stress and over work as well as  it helps replenish the body after having been depleted from having multiple pregnancies.


Category: Tonify the blood

Meridians: liver, Kidney

Taste: bitter, sweet, astringent

Temperature: slightly warm


do not consume with inions, garlic and radishes


Instructions: Simmer 8-10 pieces in 3 cups of water until it boils down to one cup, drain and enjoy. Or for a less strong but more convenient ritual you can simply add a few pieces to boiling water in your mug. You can add honey or it can be mixed with other teas for flavour and therapeutic properties. Consult with a TCM herbalist for best results.