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Organic Dang gui - Angelica root

Organic Dang gui - Angelica root

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One of the most popular women's herbs. This is the best herb to nourish the blood and regulate mensuration. Due to it's blood nourishing properties it's an excellent herb for supporting healthy hair growth. It supports healthy blood circulation to the pelvis and is excellent to help with light mentation, fertility and cramps from blood deficiency. Dang gui is also used as a mild laxative especially in the elderly discontinue use if stools become loose. This herb is also used to nourish blood to aid with lactation. 

* DO NOT USE IN PREGNANCY or if taking Warfarin

Here's an interesting study on it's use for cerebral infarction and how it affects microcirculation and atherosclerosis. Click here for study. 

Category: Tonify the blood

Meridiants: Heart, Liver, Spleen

Taste: sweet, spicy

Temperature: warm

Great in combination with :

Huang Qi, Bai Shao, Chuan xiong


Instructions: Simmer 8-10 pieces in 3 cups of water until it boils down to one cup, drain and enjoy. Or for a less strong but more convenient ritual you can simply add a few pieces to boiling water in your mug. You can add honey or it can be mixed with other teas for flavour and therapeutic properties. Consult with a TCM herbalist for best results.