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TCM and Balance

We function optimally when we’re in a state of balance. From a Chinese medicine point of view, this is when yin and yang work in harmony, where one does not over power the other. Yin represents cooling, slow nature, water, withdrawn and dark energy where as yang is more heat, excitability, fire, and extroverted energy. When one over powers the other we’re in a state of dis-ease, where disease is more likely to grow.


When not in balance we get symptoms such as low energy, lack of focus or clear thinking, bowel movement disturbances, anxiety, depression, weight gain or weight loss and sleep disturbances to name a few.  This is where proper lifestyle choices come into play. The proper diet, exercise, emotions (meditation) and supplementation can have a huge effect not only on our day to day quality of life, but the speed and grace at which we age.


A few things we can do to keep our bodies in balance:


  1. Pay attention

Notice when there are significant changes.

Have you been having nightmares? Bloating? Emotional changes? Mood changes? Skin inflammation? Menstrual imbalances?


All of these things are little clues that something you are doing is creating internal imbalance and if left for too long, can affect your long term wellbeing. Once you start to pay attention, you can be more in tune with what’s causing these changes.


  1. Exercise effectively

Exercise is great, but if you are over exercising you could be doing more harm than good. If you are not digesting your food properly and then going to exercise 5 times a week, you’re going to burn out. Notice if you are doing the right type of exercise for you. Do you feel invigorated after? Are you getting injured? Are you getting stronger or more depleted? For example hot yoga is great for some people and too draining to others.

  1. Are your healthy food choices the right ones for you

The most common thing I get in clinic are patients who think they are eating exceptionally well, however it’s the wrong choice for them. The most common is the patient who is eating salads all the time, thinking they are making a great choice for themselves. However, the digestive system can be so weak, that they aren’t able to properly digest and absorb all the nutrients from their food.  Signs of digestive imbalances are bloating, loose stool or constipation, acid reflux, and low energy to name a few. If you are having these signs it might be good to have some help from your healthcare provider (TCM practitioner, ND or nutritionist)

  1. Supplement properly.

When you are making great choices with your health the missing link can be a personalized supplement regime, this includes Chinese herbs! With this you want to take a few very effective things. When over supplementing it can tax your digestive system, making it weaker. It’s important to take a few good quality things. Talk to your TCM practitioner or Naturopath if you have questions.